An Appeal to Consumers

Dear Consumer,
At the outset many thanks for taking time to look into our website. We are aware of the type of depressing agony that you and your family may have had during very critical times of illnesses of your dear ones. While fully realizing the mishap that has happened with you we are just wondering as to how we can take this issue further.

We also realize that you are our greatest strength in this. While only a few have access to internet and thus access to information but vast majority do not have any information at all.

Many consumer organizations have done commendable work in the area of hospital disputes. We request you to join this unique movement and help us in taking this issue further.

We invite people from divergent background including human right activists, lawyers, journalists, women rights activists, feminists, trade union workers, consumer groups, trans-gender groups and anyone else broadly subscribing and believing in the major goals of NFL-I. And of course needless to say the consumer who is often victimized is most welcome to be a part.

NFL Doctors [List of doctors who have taken NFL pledge]

NFL Doctors